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We thank all our customers for visiting the website of WORLD BMC
Co., Ltd..

We will become a customer satisfaction company that approaches our customers as an environment-friendly company that loves the earth.

WORLD BMC Co., Ltd. was established as a UPR BMC specialist manufacturer in the fall of 2002. Through consistent technological developments in pursuit of the best quality and customer satisfaction, in 2006, we became the first company to produce and supply next-generation environment-friendly BMC materials (NBMC) without glass fibers. In 2008, we expanded our production business to SMC. With the continued support of our customers, we are doing our best to become a BMC and SMC specialist manufacturer.

Thank you.

CEO Kang-young Cho

Company Profile

- Incorporated : World BMC Co., Ltd

- President : Kang Young Cho

- Founded : 2002

- Business Registration Number : 301-81-64094

- Headquarters : 341 Jungmi-ro Iwol-myeon Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea 27816

                         T. 043-533-2468  F. 043-533-2464

- USA Branch Office : 20280 S. Vermont av. suite 200, Torrance CA 90502

                         T: 1-650-847-8332     F: 310-515-6893  

- Main Product : Sink Top Tables, Sink Bowls, Vanity Top Tables, Electric Parts