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  Heavy electric equipment  
  1) Characteristics
- The material of Plamix has good electrical characteristics (i.e. anti-electric pressure, anti-arc, anti-tracking)
   and can be used for various types of insulation.
- It has good mechanical strength and durable against electrical shocks.
- The material is safe against the? six major dangerous substances of Roh.
- It has a wide range of application from low to high pressure heavy electrical equipment.

  2) Examples
- No Fuse Breaker(MCCB&ELB CASE, COVER)
- ACB Frame
- VCB Frame
- ACB, ATS Frame
- Arrester insulated hanger
- Switch Box
- Insulated panels (marble, red)
- Various insulating materials
Heavy Electric Equipment  

  3) Applied materials  
Product Use Characteristic
PLAMIX-10U MCCB CASE, COVER Injeation, 사출성형, 치수안정성, 난연(V-0)
PLAMIX-10U-DG ACB, VCB Frame Compression, 고강도, 치수안정성,난연
WB-202 CG MCCB CASE, COVER Compression, 치수안정성,난연
PLAMIX-HC MCCB/ELB CASE,COVER Compression, 고강도, 치수안정성,난연
WB-203 BK MCCB CASE, COVER Compression, 치수안정성,난연
PLASET-10DG ABC, VCB FRAME Compression, 고강도, 치수안정성,난연
WB-100 MB 절연판재, VCB Frame Compression, 고강도, 치수안정성
WB-603 GY ACB, ATS CASE,COVER Compression, 고강도, 치수안정성,난연
WB-603 CHOCO Insulation Block Compression, 고강도, 치수안정성
  etc -사출성형 : Injection
    -치수안정성 : Dimenioual Stability
    -난연 : V-O
    -고강도 : High Strength